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The loss of a beloved pet is difficult to face. Our animal companions bring a great deal of joy, love and fun into our lives. When they pass from this earth, sadness often grips our hearts.

Part of the grieving process is the desire to memorialize our animal companion and tell others what made our friend so special. We want to remember all that was good in our relationship together.
One way to memorialize and remember a beloved animal companion is to create a free pet memorial online at The pet memorial section of this site will allow you to upload one of your favorite photographs of your pet so that those who visit the site can view your memorial and see the beauty and good qualities that come through your pet's picture.

There is also space in the online memorial for you to write about the love that you had for your animal companion and the ways that your animal companion expressed his or her love for you. One way you might want to do this is through a poem.

Once you've created your online pet memorial and it has been uploaded, you may wish to share it with friends and family members. You can do this easily by pushing the share buttons for Facebook and Twitter on the memorial page site.

Submit your memorial here.

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John Bond said...

I'm looking for pet memorial stones. We recently had a cat pass away and want to mark his grave with a nice stone. Would anyone have a suggestion as to where we can get one?
John Bond |

DentalCare Canada said...
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